People often have questions when listing their homes for sale. These are the questions the Sandy Erickson Team received most. Still have a question? Please reach out to us. We will have a response to you within 24 hours.



I don’t see my home on Trulia / / Zillow / etc.

Our system makes your listing automatically available to these and MANY other third party sites. Unfortunately we can’t control how quickly (or whether) these sites will add your home to their listings. Most sites will update with the MLS (where we list your home) within 24-48 hours, however some may take up to a week. Remember – the most important place, where serious buyers and their agents are looking, is the MLS.



How will I be notified of showings on my home?

Our showing company, Showing Time, offers many different ways that you can be alerted of showings! You can receive emails, calls, and/or text messages. You can choose to be alerted of showings as they are scheduled (most commonly used) or choose to allow showings only AFTER you have approved them by contacting the showing company or taking their call. Let us know what works best for you! NOTE: You must provide an email address to receive copies of feedback from agents who show your home.

I haven’t received feedback after a showing on my home, why?

Three requests (one per day) are automatically sent to the agent who showed your home asking for feedback. If we have not received feedback after the third request, we reach out to the agent personally one final time to try to obtain feedback. Some agents don’t respond to these requests unfortunately and we are unable to obtain feedback.

I got a request for a showing just a few days before closing. What is this?

This is likely the buyer’s Final Walk Through. It is usually scheduled the day of or a few days prior to closing and allows the buyer to take a quick walk through the home to ensure it is in the same condition it was when they agreed to purchase and that any inspection items have been taken care if (if needed). It is typically a quick showing (15 minutes or so).



How do I need to prepare for the appraisal?

You want to make a positive impression on the appraiser, so ensure the home is clean and in good order. Additionally, please ensure the appraisal has access to the attic and/or crawlspace and ensure the utilities are all turned on and functioning.

The appraisal just got scheduled for my home. Do I need to be present during the appraisal?

No, you do not need to be present during the appraisal. The appraiser will be able to enter your home through the lockbox on your door. However, if you are going to be at home, please try to remain out of the way (and keep pets/children out of the as well) as the appraiser does their job.

The appraisal was just finished on my home. When can I expect to hear back?

It can take up to 10 days to hear back after the appraisal. Usually we do hear back much sooner than that. We check in with the buyer’s loan officer 3-5 after the appraisal to see if they have received the results. We will let you know as soon as we do about the results of the appraisal!



I am selling my home with a closing at 1pm and then buying my home with a closing at 3pm. How do I scheduling movers and coordinate the move-in?

Coordinating your move on the day of closing can be challenging. With a little flexibility and planning ahead, though, it will be a smooth move. Here are a few ideas to help with your planning:

  • Many movers will allow you to give your movers a break (for lunch or otherwise) while closing occurs. Ask your moving company if this will be an option and what their policies are.
  • It may be possible to coordinate a move-in at your new home to start at the time of closing. If you have family or friends who can get started moving in while you close, this can be a good option. With this schedule, you would move out of your current home at 1pm, then at 3pm you would go to the closing appointment while your movers and your friends/family get started unloading at the home. If you want to do this, we will need to coordinate an agreement with the sellers ahead of time so please let us know!



You said I should transfer utilities out of my name as of the day of closing. If I’m closing on the 5th, should I transfer them as of the 4th or the 5th?

You should transfer your utilities as of the 5th. See note below on trash.

When transferring my utilities, do I need to give my utility companies the new owner’s names?

Each utility company has their own policies regarding transfer. Some will not require the new owner’s names while others may ask for it. You can get the buyer’s name(s) off the purchase agreement paperwork if it is needed.

We close on a Thursday, but my trash pickup day isn’t until Friday/Tuesday/etc. Can I keep my trash contract until the scheduled pickup day so I have a way to get rid of garbage as we move out and clean?

Yes! It is a good idea to continue your trash contract through just past the closing date (whenever your next trash pick-up will be after closing) as you will almost certainly have items to discard as you move out.

I have other questions about transferring utilities…

Your utility company will be able to help answer any other questions you may have regarding utility transfer. Since each company has their own policies in place, it is best to contact the company with any questions you may have.